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Automatic Livestock Adjustable Continuous Syringe Veterinary Vaccination Gun Equipment – Vaccine Gun 0-5ml

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Made of high quality material, non-toxic and harmless.
Simple and easy operation, it offers precise injection.
Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry and clean.
Designed for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, pig, chicken and so on.
Easy to adjust dose, just need screw the dose nut to the appropriate amount you need.
The vaccine is inserted directly into the syringe for continuous injection, convenient to use.
The bottle protects the vaccine from being broken, reducing accidental loss of vaccine.
Accurate scale and the front needle interface is firmly locked, the needle is not easy to fall off during injection.
Anti-backflow device: The metal part in the front section contains a anti-backflow device which isolates the outside air and ensures complete inhalation of the .
Adjusting nut: Rotate counterclockwise, adjust the nut to move forward, the dose becomes larger; rotate clockwise, adjust the nut to move backward, the dose becomes smaller.

Directions for use

-1. Fill the sink or tub with soapy water (warm water).

-2. Turn the knob to separate the syringe tube from the handle and soak both in soapy water.

-3. Soak for 5-6 minutes.

-4. Remove the syringe tube and handle, reassemble them and restore them to their original state.

-5. The syringe inlet is immersed in water, and the water is pumped several times.

-6. Empty the sink or tub of soapy water, wash it off, and refill it with clean water.

-7. Immerse the inlet of the syringe in clean water, repeatedly flush the residue with water until it is clean, and then cool dry for reuse.

-8. After use for a period of time, if the piston is stiff, turn the knob, remove the injection tube, and smear the piston ring with olive oil or edible oil for lubrication.After the use of live vaccine, syringes should be disinfected, and non-irritating and non-corrosive chemical disinfectant can be used before cleaning to soak and disinfect, and then clean.


1.Continuous injection, adjustable, can be fixed,

2.Save labor 20%-30%, save time and effort, built-in accessories,

3.Injection more accurate, complete accessories,

4.With spare parts, extend the service life

Note: After use, relax the cover and piston adjustment and wash it clean.


1. High quality stainless steel material, non-toxic, odorless, durable and long service life.
2. Adjustable livestock injector, continuous injection, saving and effort.
3. The lightweight handle is ergonomic and the injection is quicker and easier.
4. Can be used for vaccinating for livestock or animals, such as chicken, goose, duck, etc.
5. Comes with bottle, easy to inject and convenient to use, suitable for farm use.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 4 cm


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