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Automatic Rotary Nozzle Butterfly Sprinkler – 1/2 Inch External Thread

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Micro sprinkler irrigation is a kind of irrigation form that water or fertilizer solution is evenly sprayed to crop or its root with refractive, rotating or radiant micro sprinklers.

  • It’s suitable for all short crops with leaves such as green leafy vegetables, flowers and herbs.
  • Micro sprinkler irrigation can reduce temperature and increase indoor humidity, and it is widely applied to greenhouse, nursery breeding, fruit tree, garden lawn, court yard greening and flowers.


Product name:Butterfly rotary sprinkler

  • Material: Quality Plastic
  • Interface 1/2 Inch external thread, 20mm external thread,DN15
  • Spray radius: 3.5-5 meters
  • Working pressure: 1.5-3 bar
  • Flow rate: 0.5-0.93 mƆ3


  • 1. Suitable for sprinkler irrigation of flowers and vegetables, nursery nursery, and fruit tree irrigation, it is an appropriate choice for places that do not require excessive water mist.
  • 2. Used for garden turf, garden greening, flower garden, home garden, strip type greening and other places micro-spray.

পণ্যটি কৃষি সেচ, বাগান, স্টেডিয়াম, আঙ্গিনা, গলফ কোর্স সেচ এবং শিল্প ধুলো নিয়ন্ত্রণ, পাশাপাশি শিল্প উৎপাদন এবং ফোয়ারা প্রকৌশল ব্যবহার করা যেতে পারে

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 cm


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